Step 4: Sustain

Fast Results Today...Lasting Results for Decades!

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“Weeds, algae and muck never stop – neither do we”

Full Service Management Program

Our job doesn’t stop when weeds, algae and muck start to disappear – it’s just beginning. We don’t just install our system and leave – we make sure it continues to produce maximum results year after year and for generations to come.

Our Full Service Management Program ensures immediate and continuous nutrient reduction. We’ll get your lake healthy…and we’ll keep it that way.

  • INVEST – we make the upfront capital investment and annualize the cost of the program for the customer. We do this to help lake communities start restoring their lake immediately. In most cases restoring your lake will cost as little as $2 per day per property owner.
  • MAINTAIN – we make sure our technology is doing what it’s supposed to do year after year by continuously monitoring weed, algae and muck reduction, performing water-quality analysis as needed, and maintaining our system to ensure optimum performance. We guarantee our equipment operates in as-new condition for the life of the program.
  • PERFORM – we don’t get paid unless our system performs. It’s that simple. Our financial agreements are based on our ability to deliver measurable weed, algae and muck reduction. Period.
  • ENGAGE – we stay engaged with the community providing on-going education and continuous consultation to stay on top of emerging threats to your lake.

Buyer Beware!

  • Is your lake getting healthier? Your current Lake Management Company is probably afraid to answer this simple question. To find out why click here
  • Beware of providers of “maintenance free” aeration technology. If it sounds too good to be true… It is too good to be true. Learn why “maintenance free” aeration is a myth propogated by providers who want to make a quick sale and walk away. Click here
  • Dredging deepens but can’t restore. Worst of all its rarely affordable. To undertand why you can’t just dig your way to a healthy lake click here
  • Alum is often recommended for severely impaired lakes. Unfortunately, it is just an expensive “band-aid” solution. Learn more here

Lake Learning

  • Learn more about Lake Savers’ industry leading Full Service Management Program. Click here
  • Weeds, algae and muck are symptons of the crisis killing our lakes. To learn more about the root causes of lake problems click here
  • Lake Savers Integrated Lake Renewal Technologies can cure the disease of nutrient pollution that’s killing our lakes. To learn more click here
  • Sustaining lake health means staying on top of emerging threats. Learn more about our efforts to lead the way against the scourge of invasive Zebra and Quagga Mussels. Click here


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