Our Solution

A Clean, Sustainable Lake for $2 Per Day.


Four Steps To Natural Lake Renewal

Lake Savers’ Four Step Lake Renewal Process starts with cutting-edge, natural technologies to rapidly reduce the harmful nutrients causing unwanted weeds, algae, and muck in your lake.

We integrate our break-through technology with community engagement — including a risk-free, performance-based, management program that puts property owners in control of their lake’s health — at an affordable cost.

Step 1: Revive

It’s critical to get lakes “breathing” again. That’s why we start with our life-giving, Lake Bottom Aeration Technology. Read More

Step 2: Repair

Once your lake is well oxygenated, we unleash billions of beneficial organisms that naturally clean the water and digest the muck, bringing your lake back to health.Read More

Step 3: Prevent

We defend your lake from further pollution by duplicating nature’s “wetland effect” with Lake Coral technology and by providing ongoing watershed management education.Read More

Step 4: Sustain

We don’t just install our systems and leave. We continuously monitor the health of your lake to ensure maximum performance, year after year.Read More

Intrigued? Skeptical?

With a history of success, and the strength of independent, scientific studies to back us up, we’re able to confidently make the upfront capital investment needed to renew your lake. You pay us a fixed annual fee. If we don’t perform, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

We know of no other company able to deliver proven results at such an affordable cost, typically $2 per day, per property owner.

See our results in action here.

Buyer Beware!

  • Beware of Consultants bearing thick reports! While getting data on your lake is important, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take years to complete. For more click here
  • Is your lake getting healthier? Your current Lake Management Company is probably afraid to answer this simple question. To find out why click here

Lake Learning

  • Lakes are in crisis worldwide.  Your lake is not immune. To learn more click here
  • Lake Savers Integrated Lake Renewal Technologies can cure the disease of nutrient pollution killing our lakes. To learn more click here
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