Lakes In Crisis

Is Your Lake at Risk?

Lakes everywhere are under attack. Weeds and algae are just symptoms of the deeper problem killing your lake. It’s time for a new approach.

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Our Solution

Natural or Chemical?

Nature has the answer. Lake-Savers all-natural technologies deliver breakthrough results on weeds, algae and muck…without harmful chemicals.

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Take Action

Is Your Lake Next?

Results matter! We engage independent experts to measure our performance. View our success stories and customer testimonials. Then join us in the fight to save your lake!

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Start Today!

Scientifically Proven - Lake Renewal for $2 Per Day

“Our lake was dying because of low oxygen levels, sedimentation and weed growth.  We turned to Lake Savers. We got our lake back. It’s been a huge plus for the Greenwood Lake Community.”

– Barbara Moore
Mayor, Greenwood Lake, NY


Read the complete Greenwood Lake case study in
‘Success Stories’ here

loon-with-baby_right smWeed, algae and muck problems are signs your lake is in trouble!

  • Pouring toxic chemicals in your lake is not sustainable.
  • Digging your way to a healthy lake by dredging is not affordable.
  • Doing nothing is NOT an option!

It’s time for a natural, sustainable approach
to renewing your lake. It’s time for Lake Savers…

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