Step 2: Repair

Unleash Nature's best cleaners in your lake!

Feature Diatoms

Biological Augmentation

Excess Nutrients and Muck are Steadily Killing Your Lake. Repair the Damage With Biological Augmentation 

Once your lake is well oxygenated, it sets the stage for Nature’s best water cleaners (Diatoms) and muck digesters (aerobic bacteria) to go to work.

These powerful, beneficial organisms rapidly consume the excess nutrients in the water and the septic lake-bottom muck that feeds explosive weed growth and algae blooms.

Combined with Lake Bottom Aeration our powerful, non-toxic Biological Augmentation products literally bring your lake back to life with billions of beneficial organisms that out-compete weeds and algae for the nutrients in your lake.

These beneficial organisms form the base of a healthy and thriving fish food chain. As we rid your lake of excess weeds algae and muck, we are growing bigger, healthier FISH.

Our natural, non-toxic Biological Augmentation products work with Lake Bottom Aeration to turn your lake into a natural cleaning, fish growing machine.

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That’s nature’s way. That’s our way…and it works! Lake-bottom muck reductions of one foot and phosphorus reductions of 30% to 50% per season are typical.

Lake Savers Biological Augmentation Products

  • Clean & Clear Enzyme Formulation breaks down the tough cellular wall of decaying plant material and provides nutrients to support exponential growth of the beneficial bacteria that eat the organic muck at the bottom.
  • C-Flo Living Bacteria Formulation introduces the right beneficial bacteria at the lake bottom to aggressively consume lake-bottom muck. Reductions of one foot per season are typical.
  • Nualgi Lakes is a patented micro-mineral formulation that has been scientifically proven to grow diatoms in water. Diatoms are Nature’s best water cleaners and are the base of a healthy fish food chain. By growing more diatoms in your lake we are feeding fish while taking nutrients away from weeds and algae. 30% to 50% reductions in Phosphorus and Nitrogen are typical.

Buyer Beware!

  • Simply dumping bacteria and enzyme products into your lake won’t work. These products are not effective without high levels of dissolved oxygen. For more details click here
  • Chemical herbcides just kill weeds and send them to the bottom where they become food for the next cycle of growth. To learn more about why chemical herbicides are not a sustainable strategy click here
  • Dredging deepens but can’t restore. Worst of all its rarely affordable. To undertand why you can’t just dig your way to a healthy lake click here
  • Alum is often recommended for severely impaired lakes. Unfortunately, it is just an expensive “band-aid” solution.Learn more here

Lake Learning

  • Learn more about diatoms, nature’s best water cleaners and how you can put them to work in your lake. Click here
  • Aerobic bacteria eat muck! Learn how to reduce muck on the bottom of your lake by up to one foot per season. Click here
  • Weeds, algae and muck are symptons of the crisis killing our lakes. To learn more about the root causes of lake problems click here
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