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Defend Your Lake from Nutrient Pollution!

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In-Lake Nutrient Filtration

Protecting your lake from watershed pollution

Preventing nutrients from entering your lake from the surrounding watershed isn’t easy. In fact, it can take decades to implement a comprehensive watershed management program.

However, there are simple, common sense steps that every lake community can take to protect the lake from incoming nutrients.  We help you make it happen with a breakthrough “in-lake filtration” technology and education about lake-shore property watershed management.

Our goal is to put you in charge of the nutrients entering your lake without having to rely upon changes in official watershed management policy. Protecting your lake from nutrient pollution is too important to wait.

Nature’s way of filtering nutrients from the watershed is a wetland. Wetlands trap incoming nutrients and convert them into beneficial microorganisms that are the building blocks of the food chain. A lake without a working wetland has no filtering defense against the watershed.

Lake Coral — A Game-Changing Technology.

Developed in partnership with Floating Islands International, Lake Coral precisely duplicates nature’s “wetland effect.”  Like naturally occurring coral reefs, artificially constructed Lake Coral:

  • Acts as a nutrient filter.
  • Accelerates the growth of aerobic bacteria in the water column which divert nutrients into food for fish instead of weeds, algae and muck.„
  • Provides sustainable habitat for Periphyton, diatoms, and other beneficial microorganisms such as phytoplankton, zooplankton, and insects – all of which are critical for continual fish growth.
  • Radically increases biodiversity and water quality.

Best of all – it can be installed in a matter of minutes, and is a very cost-effective lake renewal technology.

Lake Coral Picture

Securely anchored just below the surface of the lake, each unit weighs 4 lbs. Units can be joined together in any configuration to meet the specific filtering needs of any lake.

  • Each pound of Lake Coral provides 170 square feet of wetland filtration surface area.
  • Putting 250 lbs of coral into a water body is the equivalent of building a 1 acre wetland filtration area for the lake.

Buyer Beware!

  • Fancy reports can’t protect your lake. While getting data on your lake is important, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take years to complete. For more information click here
  • Is your lake getting healthier? Your current Lake Management Company is probably afraid to answer this simple question. To find out why click here
  • Dredging deepens but can’t restore. Worst of all its rarely affordable. To undertand why you can’t just dig your way to a healthy lake click here
  • Alum is often recommended for severely impaired lakes. Unfortunately, it is just an expensive “band-aid” solution.Learn more here

Lake Learning

  • Learn more about how Nutrient Filtration can protect your lake and keep it healthy. Click here
  • Weeds, algae and muck are symptons of the deeper crisis killing our lakes. To learn more about the root causes of lake problems click here
  • Lake Savers Integrated Lake Renewal Technologies can cure the disease of nutrient pollution killing our lakes. To learn more click here
  • Protecting your lake health means staying on top of emerging threats. Learn more about our efforts to lead the way against the scourge of invasive Zebra and Quagga Mussels. Click here


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