Integrated Technologies for Complete Lake Renewal

Accelerating Nature's Lake Cleaning Process

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Integrated Technologies for Complete Lake Renewal

Technologies that Work With Nature

The fastest, most sustainable way to restore a distressed lake is to increase the lake’s nutrient procesing power.   We take the same tools nature has been using to keep lakes clean for thousands of years and accelerate them to meet the challege of nutrient overloading that is the root cause of weed, algae and muck problems. Our Four Step Lake Renewal Process utilizes three powerful, integrated technologies that work together to boost your lake’s internal cleaning mechanism:

  • Lake Bottom Aeration – A unique form of aeration technology that converts the lake ecosystem from oxygen poor to oxygen rich top-to-bottom, shore-to-shore. Everything that is good for your lake needs oxygen to survive and thrive!
  • Biological Augmentation – Natural, beneficial additives that unleash nature’s best cleaners to repair the damage of over-fertilization that leads to choking weeds, algae and muck.
  • Nutrient Filtration – Innovative Lake Coral Technology and common-sense watershed management steps to protect your lake from incoming pollutants.

Integrated Technology

Lake Bottom Aeration:

First, we get the lake breathing again! The circulation of dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the lake is non-negotiable. Without it, organic sediment (muck) build-up and internal nutrient overloading will continue. Without oxygen, the compost pile on the bottom of the lake will continue to accumulate and internally fuel excess weed growth, harmful algae blooms, and water quality will continue to decline. Lake Bottom Aeration restores and maintains a consistent supply of oxygen to the bottom of the lake and throughout the lake’s water column. When oxygen is restored, aerobic bacteria are able to metabolize lake-bottom muck and convert phosphorous and nitrogen into beneficial microscopic organisms, insects and fish, instead of weed and algae growth.

Biological Augmentation:

Second, we accelerate the biological process of nutrient reduction through diatom regeneration and boosting beneficial aerobic bacteria. When a lake is in bad shape, accelerating the lake’s metabolism of nutrients is critical. Boosting the immediate growth of diatoms in the water and aerobic bacteria and healthy microorganisms on the bottom puts the lake’s natural cleaning system into hyperdrive.  Diatoms are nature’s best water cleaners and are the primary food source of the fish food chain.  With diatoms you are literally cleaning the water by feeding fish!! Biological Augmentation also cleans the nutrient compost pile of muck at the bottom with the addition of beneficial enzymes and aerobic bacrteria. The more aerobic bacteria there are at the bottom, the less muck, weeds and algae there will be. The more dissolved oxygen there is, the quicker aerobic bacterial growth happens. It’s an integrated approach that accelerates restoration. Our BIOLOGICAL AUGMENTATION process kick-starts aerobic digestion.

  • Diatom growth cleans the water and promotes fish growth.
  • Beneficial microbes and enzymes accelerate the growth of aerobic bacteria.
  • The more aerobic bacteria there are, the faster the reduction in muck.
  • The more rapid the reduction in muck, the sooner weeds and algae disappear and fish reappear.


Nutrient Filtration:

Third, we reduce external nutrient overloading with Common-Sense Watershed Managment Practices and Lake Coral Technology. Wetlands are nature’s way of trapping and filtering nutrients. If a lake doesn’t have a working wetland, nutrients will continue to enter the lake. Building or rebuilding wetlands around a developed lake is typically both too expensive and not practical. Our innovative Lake Coral Technology brings the power of wetland filtration to the lake itself.  This product can be deployed quickly and easily in the lake where drains, creeks or streams are channeling new nutrients into the lake from the surrounding watershed. The Lake Coral “matrix” traps and sequesters the nutrients before they can do damage to your lake.  Think of it as a “nutrient sponge” absorbing phosphorus and nitrogen before it can “spill” into your lake and fuel explosive weed and algae growth. In addition, we help Lake Communities understand and apply common-sense measures in the immediate watershed surrounding the lake to make a difference.  These simple best management practices can be combined with a long-term comprehensive watershed program that builds support with local, state and federal agencies to make systemic changes in watershed and land-use practices that may reduce the need for “in-lake” treatment over time.

Our Goal is Complete Lake Renewal – Sustainable and Affordable

Lakes are living systems. To restore the lake you have to restore the ecosystem – not just treat the symptoms. We’ve found this to be the most effective and sustainable approach to restoring a lake.  The key is finding technologies that work with nature not against it to address the root causes of the problem. More than 60 years of chemicals, harvesting, alum and dredging have proven that just treating the symptoms of nutrient overloading cannot deliver sustainable results.  We’re dedicated to finding, developing and implementing new, natural technologies that deliver systemic benefits. Best of all, when you work with nature, restoration is affordable.    We are working with communities across the county to implement our Four Step Lake Renewal Process typically at a cost of less than $2 per day per property owner.Review our Success Stories to see these technologies in action.

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