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Get Your Lake Breathing Again!

Feature Oxygen

Lake Bottom Aeration

Everything good in your lake needs dissolved oxygen to survive and thrive…
Revive Your Lake with Lake Bottom Aeration

Excess weeds, algal blooms and sediment muck are clear signs a lake is overfed, out of balance and suffocating.

As lake-choking weeds and algae die they sink and coat the bottom. Their decay consumes dissolved oxygen. When the dissolved oxygen is gone, the partially decayed weeds and algae turn into septic muck creating a lake-bottom “dead zone”.

The muck becomes a nutrient-laden compost pile that feeds the next cycle of explosive weed and algae growth.  It’s a vicious, self-defeating cycle that is slowly killing your lake.

Lake Savers Lake Bottom Aeration Technology Breaks the Cycle!

Lake Savers Lake Bottom Aeration Technology gets lakes breathing again. We revive and boost your lake’s capacity to process nutrients — the root cause of weed, aglae and muck problems. Because it attacks the root cause, Lake Bottom Aeration is the non-negotiable first step to solving weed algae and muck problems, permanently

Lake Bottom Aeration is a unique type of aeration technology that precisely duplicates and accelerates nature’s own mechanism for oxygenating the water and the septic muck at the lake-bottom.

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Shore-based compressors deliver air to our specially designed air diffusers at the lake-bottom. The diffusers produce a powerful column of micron-sized bubbles. These tiny bubbles gently and continuously lift the “dead” water from the bottom to the surface where it gets fully saturated with oxygen.  The oxygen rich water is then pulled back down to the bottom and throughout the water column restoring oxygen to the suffocating lake.

By oxygenating the entire water colum and the lake-bottom, we restart a powerful and beneficial chain reaction that increases the lake’s natural, restorative cleaning process:

  • Increases beneficial aerobic bacteria and microorganisms on the lake-bottom which consume organic muck — Reductions of one foot per season are typical.
  • Increases aquatic larvae and insects which in turn feed fish — bigger, healthier and more abundant fish!
  • Reduces the phosphorus and nitrogen that feed excess weed and algae growth twenty times more efficiently than non-point-source watershed treatment — 30% to 50% reductions in one season are common.
  • Kills anaerobic, often pathogenic (disease producing) bacteria that produce acids and toxic gases — keeping the lake safe for you and your children.

Lake Bottom Aeration: Scientifically Proven to Revive Your Lake

Buyer Beware!

  • Beware! All aeration technologies are not created equal. Lake Bottom Aeration is designed to revive the lake’s ecosystem from the bottom up. To learn more about the critical design differences that set Lake Bottom Aeration apart click here
  • Ponds are not lakes! Most aeration technoologies are designed for backyard ponds. Our Lake Bottom Aeration Technology is designed for use in large recreational lakes and reservoirs. Learn how to distinguish “pond technology” from “lake technology” here
  • Beware of providers of”maintenance free “aeration technology. If it sounds too good to be true… It is too good to be true. Learn why “maintenance free” aeration is a myth propogated by providers who want to make a quick sale and walk away. Click here
  • Solar powered “aeration” is sexy, but can it restore? Lake Bottom Aeration delivers what Solar Pump Technology cannot – complete ecosystem oxygenation. Read more here

Lake Learning

  • Looking for more details on our Lake Bottom Aeration Technology and the unique design features that make it ideal for large lake restoration proejcts? Click here
  • Weeds, algae and muck are symptons of the deeper crisis killing our lakes. To learn more about the root causes of lake problems click here
  • Invasive Zebra and Quagga Mussels are the latest scourge damaging our lakes. Learn more about the pivitol role Lake Bottom Aeration can play in the fight against these unwanted invaders. Click here
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