Sustainable Lake Renewal

Once we get your lake healthy – we keep it that way

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Sustainable Lake Renewal

Long-term Lake Health for Generations to Come

In our experience, long-term lake health demands impeccable professional management. That’s what we do. We’re a full service lake restoration company. We don’t just install our system and leave. In fact, once our system is in place, our work has just begun. We want to be the stewards of your lake’s on-going renewal. Our Full Service Management Program sets the industry standard for professional management and long-term partnership.

Lake Savers Full Service Management Program

While everyone pays lip service to customer satisfaction, we actually put our money where our mouth is with a unique financing program and performance-based contracting.  This ALIGNS our financial interest with our customers’ SUCCESS. No other Lake Restoration firm even comes close to this kind of a commitment.full-circle-management-2

Here’s how Lake Savers Full Service Management Program works:

We Invest

Our investment in your success begins even before the “sale.”  We will custom engineer a Lake Renewal Program specifically designed to meet your lake’s unique requirements at no cost or obligation. This makes it possible to compare our approach with other technologies risk free.

But, our willingness to invest in your success is just getting started. Many of our customers take advantage of our unique financing program that annualizes the cost of our Lake Renewal Technology. This means that we invest the upfront capital to buy the equipment and then get paid over time in the form of a single annual payment. This program includes ALL maintenance, monitoring AND REPAIR for the life of the agreement. Typically we develop seven year agreements with renewal incentives. However, we understand that it is difficult to commit to multi-year agreements without being certain of the results on your lake. That’s why we offer a 24 to 30 month trial period.

If our program is not delivering results to meet agreed upon performance targets, our customers can dissolve the agreement with no further cost or obligation. This puts you in control of the future of your lake. Fortunately, we have never had to end one of our Lake Renewal Programs after the trial period.

This program is one-of-a-kind. We invented it to reduce the risk for Lake Communities looking for natural, sustainable solutions for their lake. We understand that it can be difficult to gain support from residents, community leaders and regulatory agencies when attempting to implement a new and different approach. Our Full Service Management Program lowers the risk and spreads the cost. The result is that we can typically implement our Lake Renewal Program at a cost of less than $2 per day per lake property owner per year. This means that you can have a clean, healthy lake for less than a price of a daily cup of coffee!

We MaintainAerforce one

Equipment that sits on the shore and at the bottom of a lake NEEDS to be maintained.  “Maintenance free” aeration systems are a myth propagated by companies looking to make a quick sale and walk away.

Think about it. Is there any kind of equipment you can think of that can sit outside and under water 365 days a year and not need maintenance and monitoring? We can’t either.

Even though our equipment if of the highest quality and durability than any other aeration technology in the world we would never claim it to be “maintenance free.”  No matter the material, diffusers that sit at the lake-bottom will get fouled and clogged.  Can you think of anything that sits on the lake-bottom that stays clean?  The very process of oxygenating a lake causes minerals to precipitate out of the water similar to lime scale in household plumbing.  There is no material that can self-clean this material.

We know we can’t leave the maintenance of our Lake Bottom Aeration Systems to chance and neither can our customers. Here is the typical maintenance process for all of our systems.

  • Monthly cleaning and inspection checks on all air diffusers in the lake.
  • Annual diffuser “swap-out” program where all diffusers are chemically cleaned and reconditioned.
  • Compressor maintenance that exceeds manufacturers’ recommendations for filter and oil changes.
  • “White Glove” Cleaning of compressor enclosures to keep dust and dirt out of the machines.
  • Proprietary winterization and spring start-up process that protects and extends the life of the compressors.
  • 48 hour turn-around on most repairs when required.
  • Stocking of replacement compressors and diffusers at all times to minimize downtime from any unplanned outages.  If a compressor goes down in-season, we install a replacement while the damaged compressor is out for repair.

We go the extra mile in servicing our systems because that’s what it takes to deliver results.  Ask providers of “maintenance free” systems to show you independent, third party studies of their results over multiple seasons. Compare their results to ours and decide which approach is right for your lake. If you want a company that stays with your lake and your community for the long haul and backs their technology, then choose Lake Savers.

We Perform

Why do we maintain our systems and technology better than any other company in the world? Because if we don’t WE DON’T GET PAID. It’s that simple. By annualizing the cost of the program and building performance criteria in our contracts, we tie ourselves to your success for the long-term.

Our model is based on the simple principle of “our success depends on our customer’s success.”  We developed this model as a result of more than 25 years of business experience working with Fortune 500 Companies to help them increase the value they deliver to their customers. Aligning our long-term interests with our customers’ long-term interests creates strong, lasting partnership. We do this not because it is easy, but because this is what it takes to restore and save lakes.

We EngageAmanda Lab

Finally, we stay engaged with every project and every Lake Community.   Lakes are dynamic ecosystems.  We continuously monitor results and adjust our program to meet changing conditions. In addition, we stay engaged with the Lake Community to provide on-going education and information on emerging threats such as invasive species and new technologies to support natural lake renewal.

Rapid improvement and long-term sustainability is the goal. By combining the best natural technologies with our Full Service Management Program, Lake Savers delivers. Put us to the test. Get started today!

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