Lake Bottom Aeration: The Difference is at the Bottom

Aeration Technologies Are Not Created Equal

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Lake Bottom Aeration: The Difference is at the Bottom

Other Aeration Technologies Can’t Oxygenate Where it Counts

“Aeration” is a very broad and almost meaningless term when it comes to lake restoration.  There are many “aeration technologies” on the market. Few to none restore oxygen where it’s needed most – the lake-bottom.

Most aeration technologies are designed to simply oxygenate the water to keep fish alive.  Other technologies such as circulators, including solar pump circulators, are designed to move water but not fully oxygenate the bottom of the lake. As a result, they fail to revive the lake’s ecosystem.

Lake Bottom Aeration: Different from the Bottom-Up

The most important part of a lake to oxygenate is the first foot above the lake-bottom and down into the top layer of the sediment itself.  This is where the nutrients are stored that are killing your lake.

Our Lake Bottom Aeration Technology oxygenates all the way to the sediment layer preventing and reversing the process that allows nutrients to be released and fuel explosive weed and algae growth.  The key is our proprietary Micro-Porous Ceramic Diffuser Design that creates true laminar flow inversion without stirring up the sediments at the bottom.

Almost Isn’t Good Enough

Aeration Systems that place their diffusers on plastic or metal bases several inches or even a foot or more above the lake-bottom simply cannot fully oxygenate all the way to the sediment layer.  This is why Lake Bottom Aeration quantitatively out-performs all other aeration technologies in the areas of nutrient reduction, organic muck reduction and rooted weed reduction.

There are two reasons why most aeration equipment manufacturers raise their diffuser heads above the bottom:

  1. Their systems were originally designed to oxygenate the water column with the primary goal of keeping fish alive in oxygen deficient lakes or ponds.
  2. They are afraid that their diffuser technology will stir up the sediments if they were placed directly on the lake-bottom releasing even more nutrients into the water which would harm your lake.

The fact is that Lake Savers has pioneered the use of Lake Bottom Aeration Technology as a lake restoration tool. As a result of our success others are jumping on the band-wagon with technology NOT designed for the job.

The proof is in the results. Only Lake Savers has multiple INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC studies proving our Lake Bottom Aeration Technology delivers repeatable, consistent results on nutrient reduction, organic sediment reduction and weed and algae reduction.

That’s why we can confidently say “if you want to keep fish alive there are many “aeration systems” to choose from.  If you want to restore and improve your lake there is only one choice – Lake Savers Lake Bottom Aeration Technology.”

What About Solar Pump Technology?

Solar Pump Technology is also not designed to oxygenate all the way to the lake-bottom and into the sediments.  For more details on the limits of this technology click here.

What about Fountains?

Fountains and other forms of surface aeration may be attractive to look at, but they do nothing to oxygenate the lake where it counts – at the bottom.  Anyone trying to sell you fountains or surface aeration as a lake restoration tool has no idea what it takes to restore a lake and should be avoided at all costs.


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