Lake Bottom Aeration: Revives Lake Ecosystems

Lakes Need to Breathe to Be Healthy

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Lake Bottom Aeration: Revives Lake Ecosystems

We Get Lakes Breathing Again – From the Bottom-Up!

Inversion2The fact is that most lakes are oxygen deficient.  This cripples the lake’s ability to handle nutrients and keep plant and algae growth and muck accumulation under control.  Many aeration technologies can add oxygen to the water to help keep fish alive – but only Lake Savers Lake Bottom Aeration Technology has been independently verified to successfully oxygenate large lakes from top-to-bottom, shore-to-shore.  Most important, our technology has been scientifically proven to create an aerobic lake-bottom which rapidly reduces the “compost pile” at the bottom of the lake that feeds weed growth and coats your lake-bottom with slimy, stinking muck.

Lake Savers Lake Bottom Aeration system is the most cost and energy efficient oxygenation technology available. It’s why we are the world leader in implementing oxygenation technology on large recreational lakes and reservoirs. Increasing dissolved oxygen is the critical starting point for reversing the nutrient overloading that causes weed algae and muck problems. Our exclusive laminar-flow inversion process carries oxygen rich surface water down to the bottom of the lake.

At the bottom, oxygenated water:

  • Increases aerobic bacteria and beneficial microorganisms which consume dead organic muck — reductions of a foot per season are typical.
  • Increases aquatic larvae and insects which in turn feed fish — bigger, healthier fish and more of them!
  • Reduces the phosphorus and nitrogen that feed excess weed and algae growth twenty times more efficiently than non-point-source watershed treatment — 30% to 50% reductions in one season are common.
  • Kills anaerobic, often pathogenic (disease producing), bacteria that produce acids and toxic gases — keeps the lake safe for you and your children.

Lake Bottom Aeration gives the lake-bottom what it’s lacking and needs most – a continuous supply of oxygenated water. When oxygen is restored, the lake is on its way to being restored.

How It Works

Shore-based compressors drive air to ceramic diffuser heads strategically placed on the bottom of the lake and gently circulates water from top-to-bottom, shore-to-shore. Our process mimics a lake’s natural, seasonal “turn-over.”

As dissolved oxygen levels are restored to the lake-bottom, beneficial (aerobic) bacteria levels are also restored and the lake is brought back into proper nutrient balance. Phosphorous and nitrogen that fuel weeds, algae and muck are instead assimilated by oxygen rich bacteria.

Increasing levels of dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the lake is capitalizing on nature’s own way of nutrient reduction, and controlling weed and algae growth – without chemical herbicides. It’s a simple all-natural solution to a complex problem. Dissolved oxygen reappears; weeds, algae and muck disappear. It’s that simple – and that powerful.

Lakes Are Not Ponds

“Lakes are not ponds and not all aeration technology and equipment is created equal.”

Three factors distinguish us from other companies who only sell simple pond-aeration equipment: Efficiency, Scalability, and Lake Specific Engineering. Lake Savers has strategic partnerships with several industry-leading, clean-water technology manufacturers. Together we have perfected Lake Bottom Aeration Systems that can be reliably and economically deployed in lakes large and small to deliver Scientifically Proven Results.

Efficiency – There’s a big difference between conventional aeration equipment and a laminar flow inversion system powerful enough to circulate oxygenated surface water all the way to the bottom of the lake. The measure of effectiveness is not how many bubbles are produced or how much air is injected into the water, but how much water is being moved between surface and bottom by the technology and at what energy cost.  

Scalability – We’ve broken the boundary on the scalability of aeration for large lakes with our proprietary Whole-Lake compressor and diffuser technology. No lake is too big for us. We routinely restore lakes in excess of 500 acres and we’ve yet to find the upper limit. It’s not about the size of the lake, it’s about the capacity, efficiency and sustainability of the engineered system.

Lake Bottom Aeration in Action

Lake Specific Engineering – Each Lake Bottom Aeration system is custom engineered for each lake. Determining how much oxygen is needed, how deep, how fast the conversion rate should be, how many units are needed and where to put them is where the engineering comes in. Custom engineering makes all the difference – ours is not a cookie-cutter approach.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q1: Will the system create a safety hazard for boats?

  • No, there is nothing at the surface of the lake. The ceramic diffuser(s) and airline(s) are located on the lake bottom.

Q2: Will the system create a safety hazard for swimmers?

  • No, the oxygen boils from the diffuser are very gentle and do not pose any hazard for swimmers.

Q3: Will the system harm the lake in any way?

  • No, in fact, because the system is simply investing oxygen/air into the water, it is restoring the lake’s own natural ability to assimilate nutrients and the harmful effects of nutrient overloading.

Q4: Will the system deplete the lake entirely of plants and algae?

  • No, in fact, the system will gradually bring the lake back into a healthy balance of aquatic vegetation.

Q5: Will the system harm fish and other wildlife?

  • No, in fact, fish and other wildlife benefit as the entire food chain in the lake is restored to balance.
  • We’ve been told the fishing is better around our diffusers…
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