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Restoring Your Lake Requires a Unique Partnership

Lake Saver’s is the ONLY company offering and delivering on the promise to solve your lake’s weed, algae and muck problems by making your lake healthier over time.

We’ve developed a unique approach for working with lake communities to build support, design a customized solution, implement at an affordable price and sustain results for years to come.

We build long-term partnerships with our lake communities, but we also realize that it is important to to make it easy to get started.

Take Your First Steps Toward Restoring Your Lake

  1. Tell us about your lake by completing our simple, on-line questionnaire
  2. We will develop a Restoration Design for your lake at no cost, or obligation
  3. We will design a game plan with you  for building community support for implementing the plan

Getting started is the easy part.  Our Whole Lake Parternship Model ensures that Lake Savers is accountable for both short-term results and the long-term restoration of your lake.  Best of all, we’ve made the restoration process affordable with most projects costing less than $2 per day per property owner.

Whole-Lake Partnership™ puts you in control of your lake’s health.

Our partnership model is built on 4 fundamental principles. We collaborate. We restore. We finance. We sustain.

First, we ENERGIZE the lake community.

We get people excited about restoring their lake.

  • We educate communities about lakes. The more you know the better prepared you’ll be to make wise decisions that determine the future of your lake. Our lake-association presentations are highly informative, interactive, and empowering.
  • We’ll diagnose your lake at little or no cost to you. Lake communities can spend tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary technical reports produced by engineers. In our experience, most of the information gathered by “experts” is readily available and this money should be spent on restoring the lake.

Second, we ENGINEER a lake-specific solution.

We offer this at no cost to the community.

  • We’ll design a comprehensive plan of action that ensures the reversal of nutrient overloading, weed, algae and muck reduction – without using chemical herbicides. Our all-natural technologies fix the problem on the most basic micro-biological level of the ecosystem. Fix the ecosystem and the lake will be restored. See Our Results!
  • We’ll create a financial plan that meets the needs of your community. Restoring a lake is not cheap, but it doesn’t have to be financially debilitating. We’ve solved the affordability problem for complete lake restoration. In most cases we can restore your lake for less than $2 per day per lake property owner.

Third, we EXECUTE that solution.

Once the decision is made to move forward, we’ll execute it as soon as possible. In our experience there’s no reason why lake communities can’t have a healthy lake NOW. Installation of restorative technologies doesn’t need to take months or even weeks. Utilizing custom equipment and highly-trained crews, Lake Savers has perfected a Rapid Deployment Process for getting systems installed and operating typically in 7 to 10 days.

Our results prove that as soon as our technology is installed, weeds, algae and muck begin to disappear immediately and most important – naturally.

Fourth, we ENSURE sustainable,
long-term lake health.

We don’t just install our technology and leave. We make sure it does what it’s supposed to do. Our Professional Management Program:

  • Continually monitors results and provides reports.
  • Guarantees the technology and equipment is consistently working in “as-new” condition.
  • Ensures your lake receives the very latest all-natural emerging biotechnologies as they develop.

Lake Savers Partnership Promise

Our number one goal is to partner with you. Together, we will save your lake.
We promise to:

  • Always give you STRAIGHT TALK about your lake…
  • Assess exactly what the problems are and design a restorative plan for you…
  • Make lake restoration affordable…
  • Make restoration sustainable for your lake’s long-term health.

When we say we want to become a stakeholder in saving your lake for the benefit of current and future generations – we mean it.

Take Action Now!
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