Whole-Lake Technology™

Lakes are eco-SYSTEMS. To restore the lake you have to restore the system.

Lake Savers Whole-Lake Technology™

The fastest, most effective way to restore a nutrient overloaded lake is to give the lake what it needs to continuously convert excess nutrients into a resource for fish instead of weeds, algae and muck. This is what our Whole-Lake Technology™ does. It takes the liability of nutrient overloading and turns it into an asset for the entire ecosystem.

First, we get the lake breathing again!

The circulation of dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the lake is non-negotiable. Without it, organic sediment (muck) build-up and internal nutrient overloading will continue. Without oxygen, the compost pile on the bottom of the lake will continue to accumulate and internally fuel excess weed growth, harmful algae blooms, and water quality will continue to decline.

Lake Bottom Aeration restores and maintains a consistent supply of oxygen to the bottom of the lake and throughout the lake’s water column. When oxygen is restored, aerobic bacteria are able to metabolize lake-bottom muck and convert phosphorous and nitrogen into beneficial microscopic organisms, insects and fish, instead of weed and algae growth.

Second, we accelerate the biological process of muck and nutrient reduction by boosting aerobic bacterial growth and diatomic regeneration.

When a lake is in bad shape, accelerating the lake’s metabolism of nutrients is critical. Boosting the immediate growth of aerobic bacteria and healthy microorganisms on the bottom of the lake puts the lake’s digestive system into hyperdrive. The more aerobic bacteria there are at the bottom, the less muck, weeds and algae there will be. The more dissolved oxygen there is, the quicker aerobic bacterial growth happens. It’s an integrated approach that accelerates restoration.

Our BIOLOGICAL ACCELERATION process kick-starts aerobic digestion.

  • Beneficial microbes and enzymes accelerate the growth of aerobic bacteria.
  • The more aerobic bacteria there are, the faster the reduction in muck.
  • The more rapid the reduction in muck, the sooner weeds and algae disappear and fish reappear.


Third, we reduce both internal and external nutrient overloading with In-Lake Wetland Filtering.

Wetlands and coral are nature’s way of trapping and filtering nutrients. If a lake doesn’t have a working wetland, nutrients will continue to enter the lake. Freshwater coral filters nutrients within the lake. Our solution is to deploy artificial lake coral and engineered artificial wetlands in the lake. Both technologies are an important and highly effective way of IN-LAKE WETLAND FILTRRATION. We put the lake in charge of nutrient filtering and reduction.

  • We deploy freshwater lake coral which filter nutrients and provide critical bio-habitat for fish.
  • We design, engineer and install artificial wetlands which filter external nutrients entering the lake via the watershed.

Our Goal is a Whole-Lake Restoration Process

Lakes are living systems. To restore the lake you have to restore the ecosystem – not just treat the symptoms. We’ve found this to be the most effective and sustainable approach to restoring a Whole Lake. Science is proving us right.

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