Restorative Shores

Fix Your Shore...Fix Your Lake.

The best way to restore a shore is to restore the lake. In the meantime, we’ve selected the best available tools to remove weeds, algae and muck and lake-friendly landscaping techniques that will prevent lawn fertilizers and other nutrients from entering the lake via your lake shore property.

Our goal is to put the power of restoration and sustainability in your hands, and make you a more environmentally responsible lake stakeholder.

Restorative Shore Products

Restorative Shore products put you in charge of restoring your shoreline now. If your shoreline is choked with weeds and algae, and muck coats the lakefront bottom, these tools will help you fix that immediately. Best of all, they eliminate the need for chemical herbicides and expensive harvesting methods.


Linked rollers gently rotate in a slow, broad arc on the bottom of the lake detaching weeds and clearing muck. Weeds, algae and muck disappear, and a clean, sandy lake bottom reappears.

  • Easy to set-up and completely hands-free
  • Adjustable depths and roller lengths
  • 28v DC motor mounts on dock or tripod
  • Highly durable construction.

More about WEED ROLLER click here.


Weed Shear effectively slices excess weeds, lily pads and cattails with V-shaped razor sharp blades. Its unique shape allows you to throw it from the dock, shore or boat, let it sink to the bottom and retrieve it back with the 25′ rope.

  • (2) 49” blades
  • Cuts at the base of the weed
  • 4’- 30’ cutting path with each toss and retrieval
  • *REMINDER: Anytime you cut weeds, you have to remove them too or else more weeds will grow…

To learn more about WEED SHEAR click here.


Aqua Blaster 360 forcefully blasts silt, muck and debris from the bottom of the lake and weeds covering the surface. Used regularly, it’ll keep your waterfront or dock area weed free and bottom clean.

  • 400 gallons of water per minute
  • Pushes weeds 50+ feet from the shore/dock
  • Fully adjustable 360° sweep
  • Increases water clarity
  • Reduces mosquito habitat in stagnant water.

To learn more about AQUA BLASTER 360, click here.

Restorative Shore Landscaping

Does your shoreline landscaping prevent fertilizers entering the lake from your property? Taking responsibility for the health of a lake starts with lake-front property owners keeping fertilizers and other chemicals from entering the lake via their property’s watershed.

There are some simple, highly effective landscaping techniques that:

  • Keep your property from being part of the problem of nutrient overloading…
  • Turn your shoreline into a natural nutrient filter…
  • Provide a habitat for fish and other aquatic life forms.

When one shoreline is restored, others will follow. It’s a personal commitment to lake restoration with a huge lake & community return. It’s a concrete contribution to the long-term health of your lake.

Read our STRAIGHT TALK on Restorative Shore Landscaping (coming soon!) and how you can turn your shore into a natural nutrient filter.

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