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  • Bass Jumping1

    Integrated Technologies for Complete Lake Renewal

    Technologies that Work With Nature The fastest, most sustainable way to restore a distressed lake is to increase the lake’s nutrient procesing power.   We take the same tools nature has been using to keep lakes clean for thousands of years and accelerate them to …

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    Lake Bottom Aeration: Revives Lake Ecosystems

    We Get Lakes Breathing Again – From the Bottom-Up! The fact is that most lakes are oxygen deficient.  This cripples the lake’s ability to handle nutrients and keep plant and algae growth and muck accumulation under control.  Many aeration technologies can add oxygen to the …

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  • Diatoms 2

    Diatoms: Nature’s Best Water Cleaners

    New Technology for Cleaning Lakes We’re always on the look-out for the most effective new technologies.  We apply three criteria in assessing whether these new technologies should become part of our Lake Renewal Process: Is it good for the lake? Does it work? Is it …

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  • Muck In Hand

    Aerobic Bacteria: Nature’s Rapid Muck Digesters

    Get Rid of the Compost Pile at the Bottom of Your Lake The “muck” that accumulates at the lake-bottom is organic compost that cannot be broken down fast enough. This is a sign that your lake is overloaded with nutrients and simply can’t keep up with the …

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  • Shoreline Buffer

    Nutrient Filtration: Protect Your Lake from Incoming Pollutants

    Protect your lake from incoming pollutants NOW! In a perfect world pollution wouldn’t enter the lake in the first place. In the real world it has proven nearly impossible to stop. Watershed Management has been the “official policy” for lake restoration for decades. Despite decades …

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