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  • Scientifically Proven1

    Natural Lake Renewal Projects: 30+ and Counting

    Natural Lake Renewal Works! Our projects are some of the most scientifically scrutinized in the world. Independent analyses provide factual proof that our all-natural approach and technology rapidly and substantially removes excess weed growth, harmful algal blooms, decreases organic sediment, and returns lakes to health. …

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  • Indian Lake Pic

    2 Foot “Muck” Reduction and 35% Milfoil Reduction Scientifically Proven!

    Indian Lake, Michigan Two year results on “muck” and milfoil in 85 acre South Bay pilot area leads to 500 acre whole lake application in 2012. PROBLEM Excessive invasive Eurasian Watermilfoil Toxic blue-green algae blooms Reduced water quality Approximately 10’ accumulation of decayed organic sediment (muck) SOLUTION Independent …

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  • Greenwood Lake Bridge Shot

    50% Reduction in Milfoil, Algae and Organic Sediment in 4 Months

    Greenwood Lake, NY UPDATE 2014 In 2013 weed growth began to rebound in the treatment areas of Greenwood Lake.  The decision to not run the system in the winter months for ice safety reasons, heavy Spring rains and the Village of Greenwood Lake’s decision to …

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  • Pardise Lake

    36% Milfoil Reduction In 3 Months!

    Paradise Lake, Carp Lake Michigan – 400 Acre West Bay Paradise Lake demonstrates speed and effectiveness of  Lake Savers Whole-Lake Technology™  on reducing Eurasian Watermilfoil. It’s also a testament to a lake community choosing not to use chemical herbicides! PROBLEM Excessive invasive Eurasian Milfoil growth preventing …

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  • Keeler Lake

    40% Curly-Leaf Pondweed Reduction in One Year

    85 Acre Keeler Lake, Michigan First ever Whole Lake System implemented in Michigan. An independent 2012 Study reported significant phosphorous reduction and Eurasian Watermilfoil control – without chemical herbicides! PROBLEM Out-of-control aquatic weeds despite 5 year herbicide program Persistent algal blooms despite multiple algaecide treatments per …

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  • Austin Lake South Basin

    10″ Muck Reduction in Four Months!

    Austin Lake, Portage Michigan 220 acre Treatment Area of the highly impaired South Basin.  Results verified by independent Professional Limnologist. PROBLEMS 40 foot muck accumulation in South Bay! Muck too thick to swim off of lake-front properties Rotten egg smell when boating in summer RESTORATION …

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  • Collins Lake Beach

    Public Beach Opened for first time in 2 years

    Collins Lake, Scotia New York, 60 Acre Lake with Public Beach Public Beach opened for first time in 2 years. Substantial muck, milfoil and pondweed reduction. PROBLEM Public beach closed for two years due to fecal bacteria… Milfoil and pondweed growth out of control… Watershed …

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  • Turnberry 3 September 2010

    11″ Muck Reduction in 4 Months: Lake Surface Clear of Algae Mats

    Turnberry Lakes, Lakewood Illinois, 100 Acre Treatment Area on 3 Lakes For the first time in over five years the lake surfaces are clear of algae mats with 6-11 inch reduction in organic sediment muck after only one year. PROBLEM Lakes were classified as Hyper-Eutrophic System… …

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