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  • Study Study1

    Beware of Consultants Bearing Thick Reports

    The $tudy, $tudy, $tudy Trap There’s no doubt that lake-data is important. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for consulting firms to charge $10,000 or more to develop a lake management report. The fact is that the bulk of the information in a typical 100+ page …

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  • Lake Question1

    Is Your Lake Getting Healthier?

    The 3 Most Important Questions No Consultant or Treatment Company Wants You to Ask The future of your lake depends on the answer to three simple questions: How healthy is my lake right now? Is it healthier today than it was a year ago, two …

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  • Natures Way Featured Image

    Lake Bottom Aeration: The Difference is at the Bottom

    Other Aeration Technologies Can’t Oxygenate Where it Counts “Aeration” is a very broad and almost meaningless term when it comes to lake restoration.  There are many “aeration technologies” on the market. Few to none restore oxygen where it’s needed most – the lake-bottom. Most aeration …

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  • The Little Red Shoes L

    A Pond IS NOT a Lake!

    Get the Right Tool for the Job! Fact: Most aeration technologies were designed for use in backyard ponds. Now that aeration (mostly thanks to our efforts at Lake Savers) is gaining traction as a lake restoration tool there are many companies attempting to jump on …

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  • Car In Surf

    Beware of “Maintenance Free” Aeration Systems

    If it Sounds Too Good to be True…It’s Too Good to be True The most popular claim of all when it comes to aeration systems is “our system is virtually maintenance free”. So Let me ask you: Can you think of any mechanical piece of …

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  • Solar Eclipse2

    Lake Bottom Aeration vs. Solar Pump Circulation

    Solar is Sexy, But How Well Does It Restore? Solar Circulator technology has been available for many years.  It certainly is appealing to, “restore your lake without having to connect to the ‘grid’ or pay monthly electricity bills”. At Lake Savers we are supportive of …

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  • Danger Chemicals3

    Chemical Herbicides – An Unsustainable Approach

    Chemical Herbicides Kill Weeds, but Don’t Fix the Deeper Problem… There’s no doubt that chemical herbicides kill weeds. They’re fast, produce dead weeds, but don’t restore the lake. They don’t resolve nutrient overloading. In fact, herbicides actually contribute to the problem. Here’s why: Poisoned weeds and algae blooms …

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  • Digging Dog

    Dredging Deepens, But Doesn’t Restore

    You Can’t Dig Your Way to A Healthy Lake… Dredging can deepen a lake but does nothing for water quality, nothing for algae, little to reduce odor and nothing to prevent fish kills or improve fish health and growth. Dredging ‘digs up’ PCBs and other …

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  • Over treated Lake

    Alum – Covers Up, But Can’t Correct

    Alum – A Temporary, Toxic Nutrient Cap, Not a Sustainable Solution… Alum treatment is often the “go to” strategy for moderate to severely impaired lakes caught in the grip of toxic algae growth. Here’s what’s wrong: Alum treatments do nothing to reduce nitrogen – the …

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