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  • The Little Red Shoes L

    A Pond IS NOT a Lake!

    Get the Right Tool for the Job! Fact: Most aeration technologies were designed for use in backyard ponds. Now that aeration (mostly thanks to our efforts at Lake Savers) is gaining traction as a lake restoration tool there are many companies attempting to jump on …

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  • Car In Surf

    Beware of “Maintenance Free” Aeration Systems

    If it Sounds Too Good to be True…It’s Too Good to be True The most popular claim of all when it comes to aeration systems is “our system is virtually maintenance free”. So Let me ask you: Can you think of any mechanical piece of …

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  • Swim Advisory Steveston July 25 07 L

    Warning Signs

    What Warning Signs Do You See? The more you know about what you’re seeing, the better prepared you’ll be to take the correct action to restore your lake.

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