Jack Mosel, B.S. Earth Science, M.A.T. Earth Systems Science – Senior Restoration Consultant

JMoselWe are attempting to achieve the audacious goal of ‘Re-Oligotrophication’ – a return of a water body to a pristine state. We dare to believe this is achievable if we look deeply into nature and the power of biomimicry. We won’t rest until we’ve uncovered the answers.

As head of research and development for Lake Savers, my job is to relentlessly pursue the world’s most effective all-natural technologies that restore lake health. I have been actively involved in seeking the most prudent and effective ways for restoring water-bodies from anthropomorphical degradation (through all natural means), for nearly 30 years.

Recently, we have been researching and applying the use of bio-available Silica with trace minerals to successfully promote prolific and sustained siliceous diatom regeneration within lakes. This along with high matrix compact surface areas in a submersible product we call “fresh water coral” has had very positive and immediately observable effects, leading to results which include providing enhanced Dissolved Oxygen at the benthic sediment/water contact layer and super-saturating the entire water-column beyond normal thermal density gradients.

We believe the application of bio-available Silica is responsible for significantly diminishing blooms of filamentous, planktonic and Blue Green algae within lakes and bolsters zooplankton and periphyton populations dramatically. Ultimately what this biological additive and this high surface area matrix provides for overall is more effective nutrient competition in diverting Phosphorous and Nitrogen within the water column as well as in benthic accumulations, referred to as ‘Internal Loading.’

Our processes are entirely scalable and we employ only non-toxic (food grade) beneficial additives and mechanisms within our processes.

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