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    Paw Paw Lake Michigan Project

    Paw Paw Lake Bubble Bath By ANDREW LERSTEN – H-P South Haven Bureau | Posted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 5:00 am WATERVLIET – A Watervliet Township-owned property along Paw Paw Lake is the proposed site of equipment to help power aeration bubblers at the bottom …

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    What Does it take to Restore a Lake?

    John and I were having a too late-night philosophical ramble about what it takes to restore a lake. I said, “To restore a lake you have to think like the lake.” John said “that’s stretching the hyperbole a bit.” I said, “Thinking like a lake means taking …

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    5 Lake Restoration Myths

    When lakes are in trouble, communities search for solutions. Lake associations ask: What exactly is wrong with our lake? What’s the best solution? Who should we believe? Communities become vulnerable to what we call “restoration” myths. Myths are common stories told about solutions that may …

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    Restoration as Sustainability

    “Restoration” and “Sustainability” are two words that carry rhetorical weight when talking about the environment. The very term “restoration” makes us feel good and we all agree that any solution should be sustainable – especially when it comes to talking about the environment. But when it comes to restoring …

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    The Lakes We Love

    Photographs From our Time Living and Working on Lakes…   Join us in the fight to save our lakes…they’re worth it!  

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  • Pardise Lake

    Northern Michigan Lake Opts for Innovative Eco-Friendly Lake Management Plan

    Carp Lake, Michigan (PRWEB) September 06, 2012 BY: Elaine Bostwick Paradise Lake Improvement Board Where is Paradise Lake? This 1900 acre body of water is nearly at the northern most tip of the lower peninsula in Michigan within Carp Lake and Hebron Townships but this …

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  • Jtucci

    Lake Savers named 2011 Best Small Business

    Richland ‘green’ firm named Best Small Business for Southwest Michigan By Yvonne Zipp – Kalamazoo Gazette Article originally published 5/01/2012 KALAMAZOO, MI – What started as a “hobby” has turned into an award-winning business for a Richland man. Lake Savers, LLC, was named the …

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