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  • Solar Eclipse2

    Lake Bottom Aeration vs. Solar Pump Circulation

    Solar is Sexy, But How Well Does It Restore? Solar Circulator technology has been available for many years.  It certainly is appealing to, “restore your lake without having to connect to the ‘grid’ or pay monthly electricity bills”. At Lake Savers we are supportive of …

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  • Danger Chemicals3

    Chemical Herbicides – An Unsustainable Approach

    Chemical Herbicides Kill Weeds, but Don’t Fix the Deeper Problem… There’s no doubt that chemical herbicides kill weeds. They’re fast, produce dead weeds, but don’t restore the lake. They don’t resolve nutrient overloading. In fact, herbicides actually contribute to the problem. Here’s why: Poisoned weeds and algae blooms …

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  • Digging Dog

    Dredging Deepens, But Doesn’t Restore

    You Can’t Dig Your Way to A Healthy Lake… Dredging can deepen a lake but does nothing for water quality, nothing for algae, little to reduce odor and nothing to prevent fish kills or improve fish health and growth. Dredging ‘digs up’ PCBs and other …

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  • Over treated Lake

    Alum – Covers Up, But Can’t Correct

    Alum – A Temporary, Toxic Nutrient Cap, Not a Sustainable Solution… Alum treatment is often the “go to” strategy for moderate to severely impaired lakes caught in the grip of toxic algae growth. Here’s what’s wrong: Alum treatments do nothing to reduce nitrogen – the …

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  • Denial

    Lakes are in Crisis: Wake Up

    Lakes have become dumping grounds. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. It’s a failure to comprehend the crisis of freshwater lakes world-wide. Here are the facts. 48% of all North American lakes are classified as eutrophic; 54% of lakes in Asia; 53% of European …

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  • Eutrophicationhypoxia CC BY

    Nutrient Overloading

    Excess weeds and algal blooms are symptoms of a much deeper problem – Nutrient Overloading Lakes Deteriorate in Stages. Phosphates, nitrates, and other pollutants enter the lake from the watershed and essentially “fertilize the lake.” This is called external nutrient overloading. The fertilizers we use to …

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  • Swim Advisory Steveston July 25 07 L

    Warning Signs

    What Warning Signs Do You See? The more you know about what you’re seeing, the better prepared you’ll be to take the correct action to restore your lake.

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  • Willow Lake


    Got Excess Weeds? Excess weeds are a warning sign that a lake is in trouble. They’re symptoms of a much deeper problem – nutrient overloading. Excess weed growth indicates that 3 destructive things are happening in the lake: Phosphates, nitrates and other pollutants are externally …

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  • Indian Lake Algae Weeds


    Your Lake’s Only Hope is Dissolved Oxygen & Aerobic Bacteria We don’t take this statement lightly. Without these 2 fundamental building blocks of the ecosystem restored…the lake will never recover from the destructive cycle of nutrient overloading, weed growth, algal blooms, and muck accumulation. When …

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  • IMG 5556 Sewage


    Got Muck? If your lake has excess weed growth and harmful algal blooms…you got muck. Muck is the real nutrient monster that keeps lakes in a eutrophic grip. Years and years (probably decades) of decaying organic matter have settled on the bottom of the lake, becoming a never ending resource …

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